An album that will take you up, down and may be heavier than what you’re expecting.

Blessthefall have come a long way since their humble beginnings back in 2003 and now, ten years later, have delivered what is possibly their best and heaviest record yet. Often, metalcore bands struggle to offer much in the way of uniqueness and verve – and while this record may not have completely broken this mould, it has definitely put some serious cracks in it.

The cover art may scream aggressive heavy metal at you, but don’t be fooled. Still, it’s a solid piece of work, with ‘Exodus’ launching straight into some killer riffs, foreshadowing the epic guitarness to come. It’s safe to say Blessthefall don’t hold back on this one, with constant energy and a smooth combination of scream and clean vocals – both which are as commanding as the other. ‘You Wear A Crown’, especially, begins with a bang.

At about the halfway mark they give us a break, with ‘Buried In These Walls’ showcasing a more simple, sombre sound with few lyrics. ‘See You On The Outside’ also has a more pop rock sound, with a bunch of clean lyrics and only a few heavy moments.

From there, the band builds back up to where things started, with ‘Youngbloods’ getting straight back to the guitar, breakdowns and screams. The final track, ‘Open Water’, sees Beau Bokan duetting with wife Valerie Anne Poxleitner (AKA Lights), leaving us on rather a humble note rather than the usual, ‘See ya later, motherfuckers!”

4/5 stars


Hollow Bodies is out now through Fearless/Shock Records

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