In 2019, women are storming the streets and lobbying to have their voices heard over laws which exist to govern their own bodies.

In Australia women are fighting for health and reproductive rights (e.g: Zoe’s US-style law), they’re fighting to end gendered violence, and for equality – a century after International Women’s Day began.

In America this year, several states passed laws to ban abortion, others have taken steps to restrict abortion access. In a country where access is already difficult in most areas, a draconian bill could see doctors who perform abortions face life in prison.

And in June, at least four Black trans women were killed during Pride Month.

I make note of these things not to shock you, but to give you a small speck of insight into the public war women are facing regarding their own bodies.

Behind closed doors in private, many women are battling a more subversive, perhaps patriarchally ingrained war: the one which tells them how to feel about their bodies.

Read the below statistics on advertising to any female-identifying person and they’ll shrug and say something to the effect of: “I could have told you that.”