There is something strangely satisfying about hearing swear words over sweet guitar strums. It feels like rebellion, but you can kick back and relax instead of head-banging. Bored Nothing (AKA Fergus Miller) has mastered the art of lazy frustration, and he plays some very pretty melodies too.

Since Bored Nothing’s self-titled debut in 2012 (on which Miller played every instrument), he has developed his shoegaze stoner sound into something less insular but more absorbing. It’s still got his signature lazy guitar strums and introverted lyrics, but with more variety. Take ‘Not’ as an example of Miller’s mastery of intricate guitar melodies, while ‘Why Were You Dancing With All Those Guys?’ echoes a lo-fi Elliott Smith.

It would have been very easy for this album to fold under the weight of the existential angst from its helpless protagonist. But tracks like ‘Ice-Cream Dreams’ bring it back to lighter territory with upbeat drum kicks and quiet rock riffs.

It could be argued that with his prodigious talent, Miller doesn’t push his boundaries hard enough on this album. Still, Some Songs is the perfect escape for those dreary days when you feel like throwing something out the window, but can’t quite be bothered.


Some Songsis out Friday October 24 through Spunk.