$500 AUD serums and ‘no conservatives’: Brad Pitt and his ‘genderless skincare’ brand Le Domaine are being roasted by the internet.

Brad Pitt is in his Gwyneth Paltrow era. Yesterday, the actor launched his ‘genderless skincare’ line, Le Domaine, because that is exactly what the world needs right now: another celebrity skincare line which sells serums for hundreds of dollars. Naturally, it went as well as one would expect – meaning, the internet launched their own roasts. 

First, well, there was the fact that a Le Domaine serum – oh sorry, we meant ‘The Serum,’ as it’s been named (someone was taking lessons from BLACKPINK, we see) – cost a whopping $385 USD or $589 AUD. ‘The Cream,’ on the other hand, cost $320 USD or $490 AUD. Very reasonable. 

Naturally, people on the internet called out the blatant ‘cash grab’ the products seemed to be. 

“Judging by recent product launches, “genderless” seems to mean “over ten times the price of similar products” 350 Euros for “THE SERUM”, Brad Pitt?!” said Twitter user @LabelFreeBrands. 

That’s not the only controversy around Le Domaine. Shortly after the announcement, Mathilde Thomas, founder of the French brand Caudalie, accused Pitt and his team of ripping off their story and ethos. Thomas claimed that Caudalie had pioneered grape seed-based skincare long before it became the ‘next big thing’ in beauty, as the Vogue report that introduced Le Domaine claimed. 

People agreed.

A user on Reddit said: “Caudalie really owns the narrative around French grape-derived skincare brand. And their products are practical and a lot less expensive than this.” 

In her own IG stories, Thomas posted more call-outs from Caudalie fans, many of whom claimed that Pitt was also ‘coming for their aesthetic and even names/coloring’. 

Then, there’s the part where Pitt cites Paltrow and GOOP as inspirations. In the past, Paltrow has raised eyebrows and concerns for promoting some pretty wild stuff, such as vagina-scented candles, jade eggs meant to be pushed up your vagina, and relying on keto diets and herbal fasting to cure Long COVID. 

Last, but not the least, was the goof-up on some of the product copy. Intentional or not, seeing a skincare brand blacklist “conservatives” when they probably meant “preservatives” was a definite highlight. 

Check out ‘The Reaction’ to Brad Pitt launching his skincare brand: 

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