Brewmaster is set to properly teach you the ins and outs of successful homebrew beer in 2022, and this ain’t no April fool.

For many people, video games are an escape from reality. They let you save the world or jump on the top of dastardly Goombas. Then there’s the other side of the coin: simulators.

From Farming Simulator to Truck Simulator to Surgeon Simulator and even Goat Simulator, there’s a good chance if you have an itch, a simulator is there ready to scratch it.

Honestly, we haven’t been huge lovers of the genre, but all that’s about to change. Allow us to introduce you to Brewmaster – a homebrewing simulator game headed to PlayStation consoles in 2022.

The announcement comes via a post on the PlayStation Blog, where Jemima Crow, Marketing & Community Manager from the team behind the project, provided some tasty morsels on what to expect.

According to Crow, you’ll be able to dive into all the nitty gritty details behind the brew for the perfect batch. But despite being built on a solid chemistry simulation, the devs claim to be taking care of all the nerdy science behind the scenes to allow for a more understandable experience. Sounds good to us.

Watch the trailer for ‘Brewmaster’ below:

Outside of that, the rest is up to you, meaning the type of hops, grains and yeasts can wildly vary, as well as the yet-unnamed range of other ingredients to chuck into the mix.

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Surprisingly, there will even be a story-mode where you’ll be able to enter competitions to build your prestige and reputation as a brewer. It’s this mode that will teach you the fundamentals of brewing techniques and the range of equipment that will escalate from saucepan to hydrometer.

If you’re already confused, Crow promises you’ll get the hang of it. “You can start off having never had a beer in your life, and by the end know how to brew a chocolatey Imperial Stout with a specific ABV, a gently hazy wheat beer, a malt-led traditional best, salty gose beer, or fruity lambic,” she says.

We’d just be chuffed if we got anywhere close to Young Henrys’ new ‘Bowlo Bitter’.

The game is being built by a team of foodies and craft beer fans. The studio itself is in Bristol which is said to have a vibrant craft beet scene, so from the sounds of it we’re in good hands.

No word yet on if you’ll be able to order the beer you produce in-game, but one can only dream, right?

You can read more about this topic over at the Gaming Observer.