The Bachelor fan favourite Brittany Hockley has revealed a ‘secret’ supermarket code that lets fellow shoppers know if you are interested and single.

During a segment on the podcast Life Uncut that she hosts with fellow The Bachelor alum Laura Byrne, Brittany explained the secret code that some people use in the grocery store.

“There is this myth that you can go and pick up in a supermarket and there are all these signs and signals that you can pick up, depending on what’s in your trolley,” she explained.

“And I have some hot goss: it is a single’s club,” she added.

Brittany said that different types of fruit, and the way they’re placed in your shopping basket or trolley, and signal certain messages.

“If you pick up a bunch of bananas, if they are upright, meaning the curve is facing up, this means you are single,” she said.

“If you have a pineapple, and it’s upside down in your trolley, you are showing everyone you are open to swinging,” she added.

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“If you want to show your interest in a man, you put a peach in his trolley.”
Brittany – who reached the final two on Nick Cummin’s season of The Bachelor – has previously opened up about her struggle to find love. 
During an interview with KIIS Network’s Will & Woody; “I feel very unloved, like something must be wrong with me, like I’m the common denominator.”

She added, “I’ve had like ten years of horrific things happening to me, some public, some very private. But I just feel like I can’t find love or feel loved. I always feel like, ‘Here I am again, I’m unloved again. I’m heartbroken again.’”

Laura, who joined Brittany for the interview, referenced her friend’s recent relationship with Jordan Thompson and asked whether the breakup has made her feel this way.

“Do you think that this has been more amplified this year … feeling like being put back into the same place as last year?” Laura sympathetically asked.

“I had what I thought was finally love, and … yeah. It just puts you back a step,” Britney replied while breaking down in tears.

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