BTS’ Jungkook misheard Chipotle as ‘Chicotle’, so naturally the restaurant chain did whatever any organisation would – rebrand.

Behold! The power of Jeon Jungkook! We’re fully convinced that in addition to selling out products by just using them – see Jungkook’s infamous Downy Fabric Softener-gate – this man can also change the tide of space and time. Well, the latter’s yet to be seen, but you have to put some stock into his power when he compelled Chipotle to rebrand itself as Chicotle.

Here’s what happened: BTS recently released a Bangtan Bomb – vlogs of the group’s adventures, for those out of the loop – following their time in Los Angeles. In the video, the band members can be seen enjoying Chipotle bowls – except Jungkook initially ended up mishearing the brand’s name and asked: “What is this, Chicotle?”

Naturally, Chipotle did what it had to do: rebrand.

The brand’s twitter page replied on the video: “It’s Chicotle from now on.” They didn’t just stop there, however. The brand also changed their name and profile header, editing the name from Chipotle to ‘Chicotle’. They also tweeted out a message to the band, using a popular nickname for the members, saying: “gm tannies.”

The group’s fans, of course, jumped at the chance.

“There’s always at least 1 army behind every corporation,” said one fan.

Making the most of the opportunity, BTS ARMY in the United States and Chicotle – this is really catchy, by the way – also partnered to give the first 7000 fans a free bowl by using a special code.

This isn’t the first time Jungkook’s influence has caused such an impact. In 2019, when he let fans know what brand his preferred fabric softener was from, fans bought two months’ worth of the product, causing the brand to issue a statement about supplies.

Check out Jungkook’s cover of ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles:

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