The good folk over at Cadbury are on a serious roll at the moment when it comes to capturing our hearts.

Having already announced a new pineapple jumps flavour this month, the chocolate overlords have now revealed the return of the Caramilk flavour.

For the uninitiated, Caramilk is the god-almighty combo of white chocolate with caramel flavouring.

When it appeared in Australia in 2017 people went bonkers for the variety, with one million units sold within weeks of the release.

However, disaster struck when it was quickly recalled due to the bar being deemed a food safety hazard resulting from a production incident – a risk that didn’t perturb Aussies from seeking out the bar, given the crazy pricetags appearing on eBay in the aftermath of the original cancellation.

Thankfully, Cadbury listened to the cries and read the petitions set up by customers, and are no doubt set to make some serious bank on the return of the Caramilk variety to Aussie shelves.

The choc authorities are set to drop the new flavour on October 2nd, so fans will have to satisfy their cravings by combining white choccy bars with those insane caramel infused $1 snack bars for one more week.

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However, if you really can’t wait for the blocks to hit the stores, Cadbury will be shifting some early releases of the block on its own eBay store from Thursday onward to raise money for Save The Children.

Australians are getting excited over the rumoured 'return' of Cadbury Caramilk. Picture: Instagram / FoodfindsgeelongWhat you’ll be eating next week

The rumour that the flavour was making a comeback was originally sparked by independent review page The Grocery Geek, which shared the scoop last month.

“We were advised by one of our contacts within Cadbury and this was also confirmed by a couple of our contacts within the grocery retail sector,” said content creator Jamie at the time.

Looks like we’re back in business!

Relive the dark story of the Caramilk cancellation of 2017

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