If you’re looking to add more sustainable, eco-friendly products to your everyday life, you can start by making the rooms in your house a little greener and that includes your bedroom.

There are eco-conscious bedding options which Rolling Stone have reviewed here, however we are going to explore a sustainable mattress and bed frame option by reviewing the Ecosa’s Pure Mattress and Zen Bed Base.

Ecosa is Australia’s first certified carbon neutral mattress and sleep solutions company. Ecosa’s commitment is to be “Australia’s leading sustainable sleep solutions brand by 2025”. They aim to get there by;

  1. Using all-natural materials and recycled products whenever they can
  2. Ensuring their packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable
  3. Re-purposing unwanted mattresses

The Zen Bed Base

The Zen Bed Base frame is a simple and beautiful wooden design. Its design simplicity mirrors its assembly process, which is very easy to put together. It took me 20 minutes start to finish and I was able to do it by myself. Super straight forward without any technical skills required.

Pure Mattress

The Pure Mattress is heavy, so Ecosa do a great job of boxing the mattress up with wheels and built-in handles so it’s easy to move around the house. Unboxing the Ecosa Pure is simple too,  it actually comes with its own handy plastic cutter which makes it easy to open. I was able to unbox the mattress and move it onto the bed completely by myself, however no doubt it would have been much easier with 2 people.

The trick is to make sure that as you cut the plastic off the mattress, you ensure it is facing upright so you don’t have to flip it over. If you need to flip it after you’ve cut the plastic off, you will likely need 2 people to get it on the bed.

The Verdict: Ecosa Pure Mattress

The three best bits for the Ecosa Pure Mattress are as follows;

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  1. It’s a highly responsive mattress, which makes it easy to move position while sleeping
  2. It feels both soft yet supportive, with the 7 zone ergonomic support it has felt great for my back
  3. It’s an eco-conscious solution, which if you’re reading this, is likely important to you

It’s a true hybrid mattress combining the best of foam, latex, micro coils and springs for the ultimate not-too-soft but responsive feel, if this mattress is within your budget – there is not a better comparative option that I have tried.

Highly recommended.

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