Former MAFS bride Carolina Santos has spoken about what really happened between her and Duncan James when they were spotted cozying up together on a night out in Sydney.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia published photos of the two reality stars together in January. The photos, which you can view here, show Duncan and Carolina cuddling up on a sofa with their arms wrapped around one another.

However, Carolina has since spoken out and said that her and Duncan’s run-in was purely platonic.

“We got a little drunk and then Olivia and Seb decided to leave so I stayed out with my friend,” she details. “We ended up going to this gay bar on Oxford Street and it was such a vibe, really loud music, and we ran into Duncan.

“It was kind of a club so it was really hard to hear each other and we obviously had to speak into each other’s ears. There’s nothing really more to it.”

Earlier this week, one of Duncan’s friends clarified the run-in and, more or less, corroborated Carolina’s story.

The friend, who wasn’t named, told Daily Mail Australia that Duncan and season nine bride Carolina aren’t romantically involved.

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“Duncan just ran into Carolina, they were actually at a gay bar. There is nothing more to it. They were chatting and some guy just snapped a photo,” he told the publication.

The friend said he was also there on the night out, and added that Duncan and Carolina “haven’t spoken again” since the photo was taken.

Duncan has been partnered with Alyssa on the current season of MAFS, and while they appeared to get off to a good start, their relationship has been showing cracks in recent episodes. They began butting heads at the couple’s retreat when Alyssa demanded that the cyber security salesman give her more attention and reassurance.

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