With great thanks to Beat Bugs and our own soundtrack to his life, our son is obsessed with The Beatles.

Although that’s great and a sign that quality music taste is probably genetic, over the past few months his mania reached the stage of screaming at us if we play any other bands.

That’s an issue in a music-obsessed household where we listen to all kinds of music. I asked the little man for comment …

“I don’t like songs that’s not The Beatles cause that’s not my best ones. But I like songs that is The Beatles. Is that all you were talking about?”

Here’s five tactics to satisfy those savage Beatlemaniacs while making sure you don’t “The Soundtrack From Frozen” all of their songs for yourself. They’re too good to be ruined by repetition.

1. Make a ridiculous Spotify playlist

Our son helped craft a 90-minute playlist of his favourites, best read as “Songs featured in Beat Bugs”. It’s actually a pretty banging playlist which he now demands when we’re at home and when driving in the car. But it works.

Feel free to click that link and listen. It’s a wild scrambled mix of tracks across their albums.

2. Introduce them to the actual Beatles via YouTube

It’s time to break through the looking glass to discover the humans behind the music. What better way than YouTube? That’s right, it can be used for more than Peppa Pig.

Best spot is the band’s official channel as they’ve banned all unauthorised clips, which is absurd.

3. By all means, do the merch

They’ll be selling Beatle shirts and toys well into the 22nd century, pending some cataclysmic disaster that deletes all music. The band must be close to being the most merchandised entity in history. Endless new novelties are put out each year. Why not combine their interests with a LEGO set? Actually … just wait for me to get one first. They tend to sell out.

4. Watch Yellow Submarine

Yeah it’s extremely weird. Ridiculously weird. The band actually had very little to do with the production of the film. It’s a good way to take your kids down the psychedelic rabbit hole, under the guise of the Fab Four. If you’re into that sort of thing. The Sea Of Holes! It’s a thing.

5. Rest on your laurels

You’re off to a great start. Your child’s harmonic, rhythmic and melodic systems have now been attuned by the greatest band of all time. Now with gentle nudges, you’re into broader rock n’ roll, punk and (by a leap) a hard cut into hip hop and electronica. I believe in you.

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