Following a series of legal battles, fans of Kesha are ecstatic to see the performer back at the top of her game, and with the release of her comeback single ‘Praying’, fans are seeing a powerful artist easing herself back into the world she once claimed as her own. Now, Kesha has performed the enthralling, and cathartic, ‘Praying’ for the first time.

As Billboard reports, Kesha took to the stage last week for a performance at YouTube Space LA, with it being posted online Monday afternoon. The short gig saw Kesha play four songs, including ‘Woman’, as well rock versions of ‘We R Who We R’, and ‘Tik Tok’. But it was the incredible performance of ‘Praying’ that has everyone talking.

Played to a select group of rapturous and adoring fans, the performance was sparsely decorated, with the emphasis being placed upon the music. Opening with ‘Praying’, Kesha was clearly emotional as she belted out the meaningful lyrics, remaining composed as she sung the powerful chorus, including the line “I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees, prayin’.

Kesha is set to drop her first record in almost five years, Rainbow, on Friday. In the meantime, check out Kesha’s debut performance of ‘Praying’ below.

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