Another week, another Epic Games free giveaway, you lucky things. The two free titles from the Epic Games Store available this week have been announced. 

The two new games will replace The Hunter: Call of the Wild and Antstream, which will both be available until December 3rd at 3am. Check out the two new games below:

Dead by Daylight – a multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the key role of the savage Killer, trying to hunt down the four other players. The Survivors try to evade the Killer and avoid being caught, tortured, and killed.

Survivors play in third-person, which offers the advantage of better situational awareness; the Killer plays in first-person, which offers more focus on their prey.

The goal for the Survivors is to escape the Killing Ground without falling foul of the Killer. It might sound easy on paper but the overwhelming tension and the changing environment offer obstacles.

Dead by Daylight also often features multiple movie and video game crossovers – think Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the Halloween franchise.

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Check out the trailer for Dead by Daylight:

While True: Learn () – a puzzle/simulation game about even more puzzling stuff such as machine learning, neural networks, big data, and AI.

Players play as a coder who accidentally discovered that their cat happens to be extremely good at coding, but not quite as good at speaking human language. It’s up to the player to learn everything there is to know about machine learning and visual programming in order to build a cat-to-human speech recognition system.

While True: Learn () is perfect for people who want to learn more about how machine learning and related technologies work. It’s a great way to keep brains busy and working in different ways, while still having fun (which is the main thing).

Both free titles will be available to play from Friday, December 3rd until Friday, December 10th. Find out more details about the games at

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Check out the trailer for While True: Learn ():