After news broke last month that Netflix were set to select Byron Bay as its next location to shoot an extremely cringeworthy reality TV show on Byron Bay influencers. Another piece of horrid information has come to light. Obviously no one is here for it. Including Chris Hemsworth.

As per Friends of Seven Mile Beach, the area is one of the last remaining wild stretches of undeveloped coastline in the region. And it’s described as “a place where precious littoral rainforest meets the sea, it is a whale migration path and is home to many vulnerable, rare, threatened and critically threatened species – at least 49 species recorded from within 5km of the site.”

And now, tourist development is threatening to deflower the habitat, meaning that its rare and fragile ecology will be put under grave danger. In a bid to prevent the damage from going ahead, Chris Hemsworth shared a very direct statement on Instagram, alongside Aunty Lois Cook, in which they both make it very clear that they oppose the development.

Lois Cook said, “My name is Lois Cook. I’m the traditional owner and custodian of Ngangbal Country in the Bundjalung Nation, which includes Seven Mile Beach. I’m shocked to hear that the zoning was changed without consulting the community nor the Indigenous community, and we were promised that this site will be used for educational purpose only. As Senior Elder, and Law Woman who holds authority on our cultural lands, I do not endorse the development of this site.”

Hemsworth shared in a seperate video, “I stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with Aunty Lois cook in opposition to the tourist development of Seven Mile Beach. I fully support traditional custodians, to be able to comfortably tell their people’s stories to preserve and protect their homelands, and this proposed development would have a direct impact on these sacred and significant Indigenous sites.”

If you’d like to do your part to prevent the tourism plans from going ahead, Friends of Seven Mile Beach have prepared a pre-filled email which will be sent directly to the Byron Bay council. All you need to do is hit send.

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