Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones
Price: $389
There’s nothing like slapping on some high-quality headphones and losing yourself in the music, and with Sennheiser’s noise-cancelling headphones, that’s exactly what you can do. Seriously, you could be sitting in the middle of an honest-to-god blacksmith or a fighter jet, pop these on your ears, and you’d be in a cocoon of silence.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
Price: $129
Ultimate Ears really know their stuff. The company is famous for a line of the most impressive speakers on the market, and their Wonderboom is one of the finest products that they offer. It’s a perfect gift for the party-starter in your life.

JBL Boombox Party Speaker
Price: $549
Know a friend who has the constant urge to hurl a speaker into a pool? Then the JBL Boombox is the present for them – the device is fully waterproof, so will withstand whatever aquatic trials you have in store for it. It also has 24-hour battery life, making it perfect for parties poolside, parkside and beachside.

Lost The Plot books
Price: From $19.99
The folks at Lost The Plot, a new publishing line for and made by millennials, have utterly seduced us with their range of risque, game-changing, beautifully produced books. From the exquisitely titled (not to mention awesome looking) Space Is Cool As Fuck, to the just as erotic as it sounds Just The Tip, Lost The Plot books are a perfect pressie for that rebel in your life.

The Shire Summer Series
Price: From $19 – $75
The Shire are really going out in the new year, hosting everything from the Hills concert series to a free Australia Day extravaganza to a series of Shakespeare plays performed in the open expanse of the park. Know someone who can’t get enough culture in ’em? Then some Shire Summer Series events might be the gift route to go down. Head to for more info.

EFM Jura Wired Dynamic Audio Earbuds
Price: $29.95
Given they feature a handy, easy-to-access volume controller, the EFM Jura Wired Dynamic Audio Earbuds are the perfect gift for that businessperson/gym junkie in your life – they can take calls/blast their tunes on the go, and don’t have to worry about fiddling around with irritating knobs and switches. They are also, let’s be honest, sleek AF.

Kraken Rum Ceramic Bottle
Price: $89.95
We bloody love Kraken spiced rum – it’s a dark, intoxicating, herby spirit, perfect in cocktails or neat on the rocks. It also boasts a bloody impressive bottle and branding policy, which means we are truly sucked in by the limited run of Kraken served in ceramic bottles. A beautiful spirit, available in a beautiful bottle? Count as all the way in.

Kraken Rum Ceramic Bottle

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