Australians will know all too well the stomach-filling, thirst-quenching dairy products made by OAK. Whether it’s the blissful Mint flavoured thick milkshake, or the trademark choccy milk, OAK are always in your corner.

The (now) gods of all things bizarre have returned, blessing us with all-new Cinnamon Donut Milk. Of all things, dairy and donuts are coming together? Seems legit.

But how did we not know about this sooner? Not happy, Jan.

The apparently limited edition milk cartons first appeared in Woolies stores across the country back in August. According to the online sphere, opinions are, well, divided on the important cinnamon donut matter.

Some are calling it a new form of egg nog, while others have likened it to vanilla milk. Nor can be too bad, though, right?

Check out this legend loving up his Cinnamon Donut OAK:

A quick search of the Woolies online store will tell you that, at the moment, it retails for a measly $2.10. But, this could change at any moment, with the fresh food people normally selling the liquid gold for $3.05.

Woolies describe the new dairy product as “A delicious, light and fluffy doughnut.”

Read the full product description:

“OAK Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Milk is exclusive to Woolworths. A delicious, light and fluffy doughnut that you will surely love.
You’re invited to a doughnut-themed drinks party celebrating the sweet union of oak and Woolworths. Hungrythirsty isn’t invited and will be bounced off the guest list using delicious, light and fluffy, doughnutty knuckledusters and thrown into a buttery lake of beautiful, baked goods to drown. Oh dear, did you forget you can’t swim hungry thirsty? RSVP.”

Well, that’s all you need to know. I guess I’ll leave the rest up to you!