Welcome to the new and improved schoolies: emergency services revealed 2021’s attendees are being far more well behaved than those in previous years. 

As per ABC, police confirmed there were only six high school leavers among 27 arrests this weekend, and all were for minor matters such as public nuisance.

“Looking back at the last five years … the figures so far reveal that this cohort of schoolies are actually the best,” Rhys Wildman, Gold Coast Acting Chief Superintendent, said.

“I know it’s only day three, but so far it’s been lots of positive interactions — the best figures we’ve seen … there’s a real positive change. I’m sure that provides some relief to parents who are no doubt a bit concerned about sending their child down to schoolies, but they are being well looked after.”

Wildman revealed that more than 200 had their alcohol removed from them over the weekend, calling it a “really good record.”

The number of teenagers in need of emergency aid is also down. “We’re finding this is probably one of the best cohorts that we’ve had to deal with during a schoolies response,” Justin Payne from the Queensland Ambulance Service said.

“Over the weekend, we’ve seen about 120-odd people through the centre. But even then the intoxication levels aren’t as high. This year’s school leavers aren’t as drunk as they used to be.”

The most serious emergency? That would be a “broken leg” caused from a frenzied dancer in a mosh pit, according to Payne.

“And we are seeing some minor injuries that occurred from roughhousing and mucking around with mates, but nothing significant,” he continued. “We’re not seeing the high levels of assault that we used to see in the past.”

Do you remember your schoolies? I’m betting it was nowhere near as calm as the Class of 2021.

Check out 7News report on the good schoolies behaviour: