Coca-Cola has just discontinued one of Australia’s most beloved lemon-flavoured sodas, much to the dismay of its fans.

Coca-Cola has just disappointed billions of Australian soda drinkers when they recently decided to discontinue the popular drink Lift. Many fans of the drink labeled it “irreplaceable.”

“Ready-to-drink formats of Lift will be phased out of stores by the end of September 2022, except for Glass 330mL which will be phased out by the end of 2022,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said.

While the drink will be lifted from most storefronts, there is an inkling of good news for Lift fans— the drink’s syrup-based concentrate used in restaurants will remain for now.

As for the storefronts, Coca-Cola aims to replace the drink with Sprite Lemon+, which they think will satisfy those who were fans of Lift.

“After listening to our customers, our focus is on our new Sprite Lemon+ range, which we believe will be popular with our existing Lift drinkers,” the spokesperson added.

Fans were quick to voice their disappointment in the replacement.

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“Lift with caffeine added, great,” one user remarked.

“Why did they have to add caffeine,” another agreed.

Others said that Lift was never the same after the recipe was changed back in 2020.

“Lift changed their recipe a while back to be made with sugar alternative, they were probably trying to save it then,” one claimed.

“It used to actually be great but it tastes like lemon water with zero sweetness now. What a shame because Lift used to taste great,” another chipped in.

However, the drink is confirmed to be staying in New Zealand.

“Coca-Cola in New Zealand can confirm that Lift is not being discontinued here,” the company told radio show The Edge in August.

Reactions to Lift being discontinued back in July of 2022 were just as strong as they are now.

“This better be a joke,” one Facebook user wrote.

“I’m absolutely not okay with this,” someone else said.

As one declared: “This is total bulls**t.”

“This drink is irreplacable,” another weighed in.

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