Jokes are the thing most keenly associated with dads. Typically the kind of jokes you find in Christmas crackers, the puns that make you slow down, groan slightly and regret every life decision that led up to this moment.

Like many, I’d been in training to tell dad jokes for years.

I’ve taken a peruse of r/dadjokes on Reddit and returned with the spoils of my hunt. Take no credit or ownership for these obnoxious funnies.

Back in my day we only had 25 letters in the alphabet

No-one knew why

What’s the only word that’s spelled incorrectly in the dictionary?


How do fish get high?


Daughter: “How do I look, daddy?!”

“With your eyes, sweetheart.”

Son, whinging: “I’m soo hungry”

“Hello hungry, I’m dad.”

I bought some shoes from a drug dealer once…

I don’t know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day

I’ve seen a lot of stupid crimes, but watching a video of that guy robbing a bakery…

That takes the cake

I had to change my password

Apparently “fortnight” was too week

I’m buying a 80’s Rap Themed boat. I’m going to call it..

Yeeeaaah Buoy

Using puns in your marketing campaign?

That’s Dadvertising!