Father’s Day is nearly upon us. The backyard barbeques. The warm hugs. That new sock smell. So fresh. So full of promise. It really makes dad’s day special. Sarcasm aside, not all socks suck. I do have my favourites that I cherish and bring out on special occasions. Yes, I lead a rich existence.

Of course, there are some great gifts for dad out there. And there are some not-so-great ones, too. In fact, my amazing wife is volunteering at the Father’s Day Stall at my daughter’s school as I type. Although this gesture may seem noble, she’s actually on a mission to make sure that my daughter doesn’t buy a crappy driftwood carving with the $10 I gave her. I know it’s the thought that counts. And that’s why my better half is there, to help my daughter think harder.


I know I’m making it out that dads are getting a raw deal when it comes to their day compared to mums. It makes sense, I guess. Mums are kind, nurturing souls who dispense hugs and love and advice and knowledge and well, everything. In most households, fathers are the man of the house who promise discipline and order but wind up giving their kids dessert even when they haven’t finished dinner.

But don’t take my word for this retail inequality. This spending phenomenon is real. In the US last year, more than $23 billion was spent on Mother’s Day compared to $15.5 billion for Father’s Day (based on figures from the National Retail Federation

The best gifts for dad.

Ok, before I get into the coolest gift ideas for the coolest dads in the universe, let’s start with some of the worst ones I’ve encountered. I’ve probably given these to my dad at one time or another. So, caveat emptor.

The Toilet Mug

Image of Gravy in toilet seat cup

If dad was never a coffee drinker, he’s definitely not going to start now. He might, however, hang onto it to give as a novelty secret Santa gift, so all is not lost.

A Snuggie


Unless dad is thinking about joining a cult or wants his cat to sleep on top of him 24/7, this blanket with sleaves is a terrible gift idea.

Gravy Boat Captain tee shirt

Image of brown shirt with gravy boat captain on it

At least it’s not a novelty gravy boat. And if you look on the positive side, the shirt is brown, so you can spill gravy on it and no one will notice. (note, this is the only benefit of a brown shirt)

Personal Photo Rubik’s Cube

Image of Rubik's cube with family photos

Dads didn’t like it in the 80s, so why would chopped up family photos make the gaming experience any better?  Boggles the mind. Not unlike a Rubik’s Cube.

Emergency Underwear Dispenser

Image of underwear dispenser


Ok. Here are the real cool gifts for dad.

Sudski Shower Beer Holder

Image of beer holder in shower

I can’t say I’ve ever had a beer in the shower, but I’m willing to try. Sudski sticks to any surface including glass, marble, laminate, and mirrors.  Because you just never know when or where you’ll need that beer.

Mobile Phone Sanitiser

Image of phone sanitiser

Did you know thousands of bacteria live on your smartphone? Well, you do now! This sanitiser kills 99.99% of bacteria with UV light. Place in it the enclosed box, turn it on and then open in the morning. Then, your kids can play with it and get it grubby again.

Bastex Multitool Knife

Image of man tools

Dads can never have enough tools and will find any reason to use them. This 14-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Plier Kit is made of durable Stainless Steel. The perfect tool for survival, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and bragging to your mates that you got a cool Multitool knife.

Joseph Joseph Hydration-Tracking Water Bottle

Image of water bottle tech

All dads know they’re supposed to drink loads of water. But not all dads listen, do they. This gadget helps him keep track of all the H2O he’s consumed. A new dot appears on the lid every time it’s filled up and closed. Once he’s downed four of them, he’s hit his quota and can now go to the toilet and let it rain.

The Beatles Book

Image of Beatles book

Some bands never get old. And neither will this book. This is a must-have item for any dad. Uncover the world of The Beatles from their beginnings and throughout their career. Dad will be instantly be cool, if only for a short while.

What’s your best Father’s Day gift? What’s your worst? Post them on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear about them.