A child’s ability to communicate is a vital milestone, but what if your child is a late talker?

At some point we all encounter the guideline of what our child should be doing and by what age they should be doing it. There’s nothing better than working your way through that list and ticking off milestones as they achieve or conquer them.

Mommy is less panicked about a slow developmental progression and Daddy is ecstatic that his little nugget is hitting the boxes like a pro. It’s difficult to remember that, while a milestone checklist is a great way of tracking baby’s growth, it’s just a guideline which can be influenced by variables.

Note to dads: the team that scores first, is not always the team that wins.

Winning team late talker thank God

Ok, so you’re working your way down the milestone list and you both realise that little Timmy hasn’t started talking yet. Hell, he hasn’t even uttered a single word. You give each other that look of disquietude. Don’t worry, you say proudly, my boy will talk soon.