That dreaded question: Can men multitask?

The age-old debate about multitasking men resurfaces! This time, it draws into question paternal obligations and abilities. The modern dad is one who aims to be able-bodied and aspires to be more involved with parenting. This all while being the king on the sales floor, the master at mixing Jagerbombs and tending the veggie patch on weekends.

First off, what exactly is multitasking?

The Cambridge Dictionary aligns with pure grammatical reasoning on this one. Human multitasking is described as the ability to do more than one particular task at any given time. Further studies have put forward a more defined explanation, which describes multitasking as the ability to rapidly switch focus between performing multiple tasks.

The latter suggests that multitasking is something which can be taught, or even improved on, over time or exposure to familiar tasks. Studies have been done to confirm this. So, if training can indeed improve multitasking ability, then it is fair game. If parenting was a sport, then this revelation levels the playing field.