“Should I circumcise my son?” A question I must have asked 100 times in the two weeks after he was born.

Why was I considering it? It’s certainly not necessary in 2018 and is a hotly debated topic amongst health professionals. And I’m Christian, so there’s no religious reason to have it done, but ultimately I chose to do it.

What I find most interesting is Dr Dilley (hilarious name for a circumcision surgeon) who performed the circumcision presented very compelling medical reasons to have it done, but when I asked him if he’d get his own son circumcised he said “no”.

No? Why not?

His answer: I can deal with any issues that may arise so I wouldn’t bother.

Interesting, but his reason for not circumcising doesn’t apply to me as I wouldn’t have a clue on how to manage said “issues”.

So anyway, here are my reasons I decided to circumcise my son. I can’t pretend they are all concrete reasons, some are most obviously superficial, but others are more legitimate.

1. Teenage hygiene

Yes, it’s 2018 and we have showers now. But I’ve heard many firsthand horrors of teenage boys who didn’t clean themselves properly and then their parents having to deal with the infection. No thank you.

2. Adult circumcision horror stories

I heard one firsthand account of someone who had to get a circumcision as an adult for medical reasons. NO. THANK. YOU!!!

3. Medical reasons

4. I surveyed my circle

The majority of my friends all circumcised their boys. Not surprising for my Egyptian/ethnic friends, but definitely surprising for my white Australian friends.

Nearly all of my ethnic friends had circumcision done, and more than 50% of my white friends had it done. So really, I wanted my son’s dick to look like most people’s.

I remember at school kids who weren’t circumcised were teased, and I went to a mostly white school in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. Lame, but a reality.

Also, this report suggests circumcisions are rising.

5. I wanted my son’s dick to look like mine

Superficial, yes, but it was definitely a small contributing factor in the decision.

6. Seinfeld

Let’s be real. Seinfeld knows all.

Seinfeld on circumcision. No face, no personality.