The Lost Lands Festival is back, and this year it’s set to deliver a serious burst of fun and entertainment for young and old.

Planning a breakaway is a parent’s worst nightmare. Not only do you dread that something will go wrong, but there is the undeniable fact that kids get bored quickly. If you don’t have a steady supply of entertainment or activities planned, then the boredom monster shows its ugly face.

Do not fear! This November will see the return of The Lost Lands Festival. They already posted a pre-launch sale. Since adding a third fun-filled night to the 2019 program, the camp sites are selling fast. So listen up quickly and hit the Net to book your spot.

Why mention The Lost Lands Festival on a parenting platform?

Lost Lands Festival

Well, that’s what it’s all about. Simon Daly, long time festival director and founder of the event, has created a festival specifically designed for families and friends. The aim was to offer a family holiday, reimagined in a festival setting. With the 2018 Festival it became clear that the focus on children was paying off, as they made up more than 50% of the audience.

What can you expect at the festival?

Right from the start, the idea behind the festival was to merge an interest in art with elements of fun, an experience for the adventurer inside us all. In short, the event wants kids to tap into their creativity and to enjoy themselves while doing so.

From fairytale games to live music, theatrical performances to circus acts, the festival will have it all. They compiled a great music lineup and dedicated children’s activities.

Lost Lands Festival

They have revealed that Circus Oz will be headlining the Arts and Wonder program, which sets the artistic tone and already makes you want to start packing the car.

There will be a host of market stalls selling crafty trinkets, toys and promoting engaging activities for the whole family. Be prepared to get distracted and be entertained.

Food, glorious food.

Lost Lands Festival

There will be trucks and stalls serving treats and eats, catering for all tastes and all ages. Burgers, hotdogs, sweets and more.

Besides a huge focus on sustainability and green festivalling, there is a camping guideline to adhere to. Whether you want to rough it with junior, or wish to enjoy a personal concierge with the luxurious glamping, rest assure that every measure has been taken to avoid leaving a footprint.

When and where will it be?

Lost Lands Festival

The festival will take place over the Melbourne Cup Weekend, from 1 – 3 November 2019. It is conveniently located at the Werribee Mansion, about 40 minutes away from Melbourne’s CBD, with ample parking available.

Now that you know, don’t delay. We give you permission to take a couple of days off in November and to enjoy the time with your family.

James Fouche is an author, travel writer, entrepreneur and silly daddy of three. He also writes about parenting and wine, whenever his kids allow him to.