You love to travel, but you dread the thought of travelling with kids. What to do?

Over the last decade or two, travel blogging has become a necessary support system for tourism industries the world over. However, only a small percentage of these specialize in family travel.

Influencers and social media specialists make themselves available at the highest bidder to tour operators. They generate unrealistic visual content that jump off the screen and inspire folks to book tickets right away. Unfortunately, bachelors, student travellers and retirees make up their target audience.

Think about it. You are a hardened adventurer. The kind destination shows do features on. You can hike Everest with a backpack equalling your body weight, erect a tent in 30 seconds, fashion a splint out of twigs when breaking a leg, and resuscitate yourself if given the opportunity to do so.

However, the thought of travelling with kids bring about a queasy feeling in your gut, followed by a cold sweat and a series of shivers shooting up your spine. As capable as you are, you know that family travelling is fundamentally more complex than solo or couple travelling. Instead you endeavour to find other activities for the holidays.