The modern day library isn’t what you’d expect. Gone are the days of tired spaces offering nothing more than dusty old stacks of John Grisham novels, photocopiers the size of small minivans and giant red ‘SHOOSH’ signs.

Walk into your local branch now and, if you’ve got a half-decent council that’s not afraid to chuck it a bit of coin, you’ll find a digitally-connected hub providing accessible education and communication services to the entire community.

You’re just as likely to come across a 3D printer or a VR headset as you are a box set of scratched Black Adder DVDs.

Of course, there’s still books, books and more books – and as there should be. All the new-fangled (and quickly outdated) innovation in the world is never going to replace the magic and wonder a classic hard cover. I hope they never die. /rant