Government-run by Victorian premier Dan Andrews has lashed out at the reality TV show Hunted for not acquiring the right permits to film inside Victoria’s Metro rail network. 

In the first few episodes, viewers followed Jess and Erina-Lea inside Flinders Street Station and multiple scenes were filmed inside stations and train carriages throughout the series.

However, Andrews’ government has revealed that the show didn’t obtain permits that allowed them to film within the metro network.

“The Hunted production company did not apply for a permit prior to filming on Metro’s network,” a metro spokeswoman told Herald Sun.

“This is not acceptable as Metro has strict protocols in place for filming which should have been followed to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.”

“We have written to the production company involved to remind them of their obligation to apply for a permit before filming.”

Ben Carroll – who is the Public Transport Minister under Labor, the party ran by Dan Andrews – told the same publication he’s “furious” about the breach and the political group has taken “appropriate action” to ensure the breach doesn’t happen again.

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The rule regarding filming permits was implemented to ensure that crews don’t contribute to delays, and to assist with the safety of train drivers, station staff and passengers.

Hunted is a  reality show about nine pairs of fugitives who are ‘hunted’ by hunters in Melbourne. The hunters have access to the fugitive’s contacts, social media and bank records, and CCTV footage that has been captured in public places. The hunters are also real-life military and intelligence operatives

The fugitives who can avoid capture for 21 days will share a $100,000 cash prize. They are allowed to bring along an overnight bag, sunglasses, a map of Victoria, a black cap, disguises, contact addresses, running shoes and food. Each pair had $200 in cash and $300 in the bank for their 21 days.

On Monday, Hunted fugitives Stathi and Rob shared the joint first prize of $100,000 after managing to evade authorities for 21 days.

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