Iconic venue Tatler in Darlinghurst will host EKthis Saturday, a party that describes itself as, “the dance party version of a secret underground weirdo cohort.”

The DJ lineup comprises Cassian, Jeremiah, HITA, Arta & Powers and Hijinx, who will be peddling accessible club tunes. Cassian has been featured on several Kitsune Maison compilations over the years, having established himself with remixes of the likes of Bag Raiders, The Rapture and Miami Horror. Cassian released his third solo EP last year,The Love Cuts. When asked what he hoped dancers hear in his music, Cassian replied, “Something familiar yet new, definitely something with a strong groove that’s not overly loopy, and a quality in the production that really makes the speakers pop.” EK kicks off at10pm, with entry $10 beforemidnight.

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