The 20th anniversary of David Lynch’s surrealist, dreamscape masterpiece Mulholland Drive is set to be celebrated with a restoration and limited theatrical release.

The 4K restoration of Mulholland Drive will be unveiled this November, courtesy of Studiocanal and Criterion Collection. The film will also be released with a collector’s edition featuring new artwork by Krzysztof Domaradski.

“In February, we decided we needed to try and restore the film in 4K to mark its 20th anniversary, and we set Cannes as our goal,” says Jean-Pierre Boiget, Director of Operations at Studiocanal.

“You generally need two years for a project on this scale, but everyone rolled up their sleeves, including David Lynch, who agreed to join us in the lab.”

The film premiered at Cannes in 2001, and saw Lynch take out best director at the festival, an award he shared with Joel Coen for The Man Who Wasn’t There. 

Mulholland Drive was a catalyst for star Naomi Watts (serendipitously, it’s her birthday!) who starred in the double role of Betty Elms and Diane Selwyn. It also stars Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, and Melissa George.