If you are the type who dreams of cracking a case wide open with only your nous and finely-tuned forensic skills, then you should really get along to Cracking the World of Forensics, a talk taking place on Friday night (tomorrow night, if you’re reading this over my shoulder as I type) at the Powerhouse Museum.

The talk is part of Sydney Science Festival, which is currently happening in this criminal-built city of ours, and features a keynote from Professor Shari Forbes, a world leading forensics expert.

The queasy of you may wish to scan this next paragraph quickly. As the official page states, Prof. Forbes’ research “aims to identify the chemical profile of decomposition odour to enhance the capabilities of cadaver-detection dogs”, which she does by studying rotting corpses at a place in the Blue Mountains referred to as the Body Farm. It’s more official, pleasant name is the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research, a world-class faculty which Professor Forbes heads up.

To hear her talk about all this gruesome, fascinating stuff, book a ticket for the talk, which happens Friday 11 August, 6.30–8.30pm. Adults are $15, concession tickets $8, and kids are free – although it will cost them in a more formative, troubling way in the long run…

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