Oh Dolly Doctor, the older sister I never had, but always had, if you know what I mean.

As a child I always wondered who Dolly Doctor was, however the level of anonymity (plus the topic of course) always piqued my interest. Despite not being on a first name basis, Dolly Doctor was always there waiting for me in my local public library, where I would eagerly await to tear the sealed section open (if it weren’t already, which it was most of the time.)

Now the new era of Dolly Doctor is here – and you won’t find it in the sealed section of Dolly, but rather sitting proudly, easily accessible to anyone who ventures into their nearest bookstore.

As reported by PedestrianDr Melissa Kang, the woman, the myth, the legend behind the Dolly Doctor column is here to guide and inform the ever curious minds of the next generation of youth, in a book co-written with Yumi Stynes, titled Welcome to Consent.

Published by Hardie Grant, the book is described as: an inclusive, frank and funny guide to navigating consent for tweens and teens of all genders. This isn’t the first time Kang and Stynes have put their minds together to publish a book. They’ve also brought us the title, Welcome To Your Period.

Hardie Grant say on the book, “Adolescent health experts Dr Melissa Kang and Yumi Stynes have written the only guide you need to figuring out the rules of consent. Whether you’re a curious 11 to 14-year-old, or the parent of someone with a bunch of questions, this book is reassuring, interesting, and full of the info you need!”

They also state a range of dot points which may come in hand if you’re deciding whether you or someone you know would benefit from reading the book. Including:

I’m curious about how consent works.

I will get a haircut or visit the doctor on my own one day.

I think I might kiss someone or have a relationship in the future (even if I’m not ready to yet).

I don’t know how to actually TALK about consent.

It’s hard to say no.

I don’t know when to say yes.

I find consent confusing!

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