Domino’s clearly know the way straight to an Aussie’s heart with their new limited-edition Vegemite pizza. 

How has this collaboration only just happened? If one pizza was destined to dominate the Australian takeaway market, surely it would be a Vegemite one.

After Domino’s asked fans earlier this year if they would like to try a Vegemite-based pizza, the answer was a resounding yes and now here we are.

When I first moved to Australia from Scotland, it did take me a while to try the Aussie favourite. Vegemite might have been billed as the ‘Taste of Australia’, but the thick brown spread looked alarmingly like something that would pour out of a Yarra River pipe.

Then I tried and the rest was history. Gobsmackingly strong and salty, there was nothing not to like about it. Meek little Marmite paled in comparison.

So I’m definitely curious to try the latest Domino’s creation and I’m not the only one. After sharing the news on Facebook, more than 10,000 hungry pizza fans devoured the comments section. “Yes I have already ordered one for my lunch today and eating it now,” revealed one person. “I just had to check my calendar and make sure it wasn’t April 1!” another joked.

Their new Cheesy Vegemite pizza features the Vegemite flavour topped with mozzarella on a dough base. And unlike some funky fast food combos, it genuinely looks good, all cheesy with enticing bubbling brown spots. It honestly just looks like a margherita pizza but you just know there’s layers of extra salty goodness awaiting underneath.

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Here’s the catch though: the Cheesy Vegemite Pizza is only available for three weeks from today, October 11th, so you’ll have to act fast. Thankfully it’s on offer across Australia for both pick up and delivery.

Who knows, if enough of us buy one, maybe they’ll make it a permanent pizza fixture. A Vegemite convert can dream.

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