Prepare for the nostalgia. A surprise reunion between Drake & Josh co-stars Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck has been shared on Twitter, and it’s adorable. The Nickelodeon stars haven’t been together in four years, and frankly we want a reboot of the show after watching this.

In the video, YouTuber David Dobrik presents Peck with a gift saying it’s “from your sister” before Cosgrove walks out. It’s glorious, she calls him “boob” then pranks him, and it feels like 2006 again. Watch the video below.

It’s been 10 years since Drake & Josh ended which makes us feel incredibly old. In another recent video, Dobrik took Peck to see the house where the show was filmed, which has now been torn down. RIP.

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A reunion between these two and Drake Bell seems unlikely at this point because it seems like Drake and Josh aren’t really talking. Whilst that’s a bit sad, we are low key for this drama between our childhood faves.

Anyway, here’s more photos of them all hanging out, we’re not really sure who David Dobrik is but if you squint hard enough he kinda looks like Drake Bell. Let’s all now start a campaign to bring Drake & Josh back.