While FIFA 22 has already angered some fans, PES is making waves by changing its name to eFootball and going free-to-play.

If you’re a die-hard soccer fan, the battle between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA has always been a contentious one. Many believe that while FIFA uses its pool of money to secure all the official licences, the actual gameplay of PES is more satisfying. Well buckle up, sports lovers, because things are about to get spicy now that Konami has announced it is officially renaming the series to eFootball. Oh and it’s transforming the whole experience into a digital-only, free-to-play title.

eFootball is set to contain all the same features no matter whether you pick it up on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC later this year. iOS and Android versions are also expected, but for the moment it sounds like Switch players are getting shafted.

Within a report from IGN, the series’ producer Seitaro Kimura stated that eFootball wants to take “a ‘platform’ approach with regular updates – there will no longer be annual paid releases of eFootball, but the platform will get free, yearly updates for new seasons.”

Check out the launch trailer for ‘eFootball’ below:

According to IGN the new game will launch with exhibition matches and a selection of nine clubs to control, with everything else likely to be available for sale. And that, gamers, is where things are bound to get very interesting.

Will you have to pay per team, for example, or grab the whole lot for one flat price? How much would a campaign or Master League mode set you back? Will you end up paying ten times more via this ‘free-to-play’ model than the usual yearly instalment.

Only time will tell, with word that details about modes and monetisation will be revealed at a later date.

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Sports fans have been praying for a yearly ‘season pass’ model for years, but the proof will be in the pudding if eFootball actually works as a free-to-play title. And for everybody else, now you can enjoy a free game whenever the World Cup rolls around. What a goal.

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