Will Connolly aka Egg Boy has asked UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan to help Australia, after Rogan labeled the country a “dystopian police state.”

Earlier this week, Joe Rogan took to Instagram to criticize Australia’s management of the COVID-19 pandemic after mistaking a spoof from ABC’s Gruen as an advertisement by the Scott Morrison government against anti-vaxxers.

The clip satirizes anti-vaxxers and shows a woman pulling out an Epipen after a man goes into anaphylactic shock. As the woman tries to administer the Epipen, the man asks her a series of questions, and loses consciousness.

Rogan shared a clip from the sketch to his Instagram page on Monday, writing: “Not only has Australia had the worst reaction to the pandemic with dystopian, police-state measures that are truly inconceivable to the rest of the civilised world, but they also have the absolute dumbest propaganda.”

After several commenters wrote that the video was a parody, Rogan edited his Instagram caption writing: “EDIT: apparently this is not a real ad. It’s from a satirical show.”

Joe Rogan has openly condemned Australia’s COVID management in the past. On an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience in August, he told guest Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, that “There’s some crazy shit going on right now where the army is trying to keep people inside in Australia.”

“They have full-on government lockdowns where the government is flying helicopters over the streets (and telling people) ‘go back indoors, you’re not allowed to be outside’, which is crazy,” he continued.

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Now, as Pedestrian report, Egg Boy has sought help in Joe Rogan.

For context, Egg Boy, who once captured the nation’s heart after egging politician Fraser Anning back in 2019, fell from grace after sharing debunked theories about COVID testing to his 300,000+ Instagram followers.

The post in question claimed that the tests don’t work, and may actually pick up flu symptoms instead.

“Jaw dropped reading this today,” he wrote at the time. “CDC (centre for disease control) found out the creator of the PCR test (nose swab) Kary Mullis who has a Nobel prize in chemistry said the same thing. His words.

What does this mean for every positive test found all around the world?”

After sharing the post, which has since been deleted, Egg Boy was accused of spreading anti-vaxx rhetoric, being a “COVID-denier,” and, ah, fascism? The old faithful brand of internet histrionics.

Now he’s facing criticism for reaching out to Joe Rogan, asking him to “help us.” Us, being Australia.

“How do you go from throwing eggs at Fraser Anning to this?” one commenter wrote.

Via Pedestrian