Would you like to pay for your next Macca’s run with cryptocurrency instead of spare change? Elon Musk has done his best to bring that reality one step closer. 

For some reason, on Tuesday the Macca’s Twitter account tweeted, “how are you doing people who run crypto twitter accounts.”

Enter Elon. The Tesla figurehead tweeted, “I will eat a happy meal on TV if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin,” making sure to tag the fast food chain.

That’s called a mukbang, Elon. That would be quite the TV event. Macca’s then retaliated by saying, “Only if @Tesla accepts grimacecoin.” The official Dogecoin Twitter account even got involved, replying to Musk’s tweet with a GIF of the coin’s famous dog peeping out from behind a Macca’s meal.

Let’s hope it goes better than one of the last times the billionaire promoted Dogecoin: during his infamous Saturday Night Live hosting appearance last year, a segment on the crypto caused its price to plummet overnight.

It’s not just for publicity, though, with Elon contrastingly sending the price of Dogecoin soaring recently when he announced that Tesla would begin accepting it as payment for some merchandise.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have suffered serious losses over the past several weeks, Dogecoin rose as high as 7% on Tuesday (as per Coinmarketcap).

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It’s probably the way the business world is heading anyway.  When Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky recently asked on Twitter, “If Airbnb could launch anything in 2022, what would it be?” there was one clear winner amongst the 4,000 responses.

Crypto payments came out on top, with lots of people clearly wanting the opportunity to pay for their next Airbnb apartment in a different way.

Dogecoin was created, initially as a joke, back in 2013. It uses a shiba inu, a type of Japanese dog, as the crypto’s mascot.

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