English singer-songwriter-rapper Example has come back onto the scene with a new record that starts off somewhat strong but quickly finds itself falling into a mediocre hole.Live Life Livingboasts a few songs that will get you moving and singing along, but it seems more dominated by uninspiring, repetitive and medium-grade tracks.

Acknowledgment has to be given to the variation in sounds you’ll find pumping through your speakers, from classic hard beat dance and ’90s rave to more chilled, summer vibe sounds.

And like most dance records, it has your typical ‘don’t forget your youth, let’s act like we’re crazy, irresponsible teenagers’ track (‘Kids Again’). It also has its moments in which things seem to get a bit deeper than the usual electronic fare (‘Next Year’) – but it doesn’t bring much else.

As a whole, Live Life Living will probably work well for already established Example fans, but won’t gain him any new ones.

If you were expecting a little more from Example this time around, you’ll find yourself switching to something else after a few tracks.


Live Life Livingis out now through Sony.

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