A fake Chick-Fil-A post in which they posted a picture of the ‘homophobic dog’ has gone viral on Twitter and spawned even more memes.

@SaeedDiCaprio recently posted a screenshot of a fake Chick-Fil-A Tweet in which the company used an image of the infamous ‘homophobic dog’ while simultaneously celebrating the end of Pride month.

Twitter was quick to react, with some confused on whether the Tweet was real or not, as Chick-Fil-A is notorious for their donations to anti-lgbtq organizations.

“omg ??? chick fil a ???”

The Chick-fil-A Twitter account made an actual post on the first day of Pride month— what they thought was a safe tweet but the rest of Twitter wasn’t having the company’s tactical maneuver of avoiding taking a stance. Chick-fil-a’s original tweet was sterile and inoffensive in the worst way and served as fish chow for the circling sharks.

“You’re the best part of our day”

“u should make ur icon a rainbow chick symbol”

This comment was hidden. Although, this was most likely due to the inclusion of the term “Popeyes,” which is blocked in Chick-fil-A’s comment sections.

“Popeyes own you, hide this reply if you don’t care about black lives or LGBT lives”

“Happy pride month fuckers”

“Lmaooo you scared of chicken sandwiches???”

“Slightly more concerned with a large corporation donating millions of dollars to organizations that are fundamentally opposed to my existence”

“The audacity of posting this on the first day of pride month”

“Lol, so many hate comments just because the cishets don’t like the fact that we celebrate who we are. Ugh, i hate society… i wish we could just live in a world full of gays, lol, everything would be so much friendlier”

“We have a month to be seen all over the place because the rest of the year we don’t get anything! One month is just making up for the lack of visibility for 11 months. In a perfect world there would be no need for a pride month because we could show our pride all year!”

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