Kanye West’s Yeezy empire is taking over the world one pair of EVA foam slides at a time. But like with all leaders pioneering the game, there’s always going to be a handful of copycats riding coattails.

The genuine Yeezy slides retail for anywhere between $80 and $90, but thanks to the fact that they’re highly limited, they’re naturally pretty hard to get your hands on. So that means two things: the resell market has gone off. And the proof is in the pudding, over on StockX pairs have sold for more than $700 AUD.

It also means that the fakes market has gone off too and right now the internet is locked and loaded with some pretty cooked dupes. While there might be a handful that could pass for the real deal, some of them are anything but. While it may be enough to justify a lawsuit at times, others you kind of have to look and laugh at.

Check them out below.

Decjuba rubber slides

Described as “Fresh, modern styling made easy and comfy in the D-Luxe Kiki Rubber Slide. Wear them by themselves or with socks,” there’s no mention that these are Yeezy slide imposters. But they obviously make the list.

decjuba yeezy slide

Fake ass KAWS x Yeezy rip-off

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No, KAWS never collaborated with Kanye West, so this whole dupe crossover slide is pretty whack. Kinda cute though? Check them out here.

kaws yeezy

Spongebob Squarepants ‘collaboration’

Once again, no, Kanye West did not collaborate with Spongebob Squarepants to drop a Yeezy Sponge slide.

Slides that don’t look like Yeezy slides but also sort of do

From the corner of your eye, like from the very corner, these could pass as Yeezy slides. The design of the shoe (mainly the deep foot bed) makes this pretty Yeezy-esque, but at the same time it’s pretty bad. Check them out here.

fake yeezy slides
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