It’s no secret that the always-online experiment Fallout 76 has toyed with the series’ fanbase, and probably let a fair few of them down.

It’s being panned by its fair share of critics, YouTubers and fans in every corner of the internet, with the game’s lifeless environment and shallow gameplay loop just a few of the biggest concerns – not to mention its many glitches and ongoing disconnection issues.

Now, Playstation 4 and Xbox One players have something else to be angry about, with a whopping new 47GB patch arriving to chew up a significant portion of their monthly download limit.

As Engadget reports, the patch almost-entirely replaces the 53GB install, and supposedly fixes a host of performance issues frustrated players have been suffering through. But with some having already been turned off by what feels like a hurried attempt to cash in on the somwehat stale genre of online open world survival games, it’s easy to imagine that plenty will look at that file size and just decide to uninstall the game instead.

Not everyone is giving up on the game, of course, although even the more positive comments tend to be damning the game with faint praise as they do their best to take a ‘glass half full’ point of view.

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Meanwhile, PC gamers get away with just a 15GB patch, which is a pretty crazy discrepancy between the two systems.

We’ll wait to see whether or not the technical fixes and improved PvP combat promised by the patch go any way towards making the game worth playing for anyone but the most forgiving fans.

Update: A previous version of this article stated that the Xbox patch was 15GB, rather than the PC version. This has been corrected.

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