Once upon a time, my go-to staple denim bottoms were a pair of denim skinny jeans. But nowadays personally, I’d rather walk around with no pants on than to rock a pair of skin tight joints.

Yes, I’m a firm believe of “each to their own”, what can I say, they’re just not my cup of tea. There’s no reason that I made the transition from skinny jeans to baggy, wide leg jeans other than I felt like it was time to leave them behind and wear a new pair of pants, a pair that were a whole less tight.

Fast forward a few years since I made the transition and now I can confirm that I own four different pairs of Levi’s wide leg jeans. And I’ve never looked back.

All you need to do is google skinny jeans and you’ll get a flood of articles declaring the end of the skinny jeans era: skinny jeans are dead.

But are they? Can they ever truly die? Over at the Business of Fashionthey conducted a deep dive into the realm of skinny jeans, declaring that the past ten years have without a doubt been synonymous with the tight pant, the same way that the ’70s were all about the flares and the ’80s brought in cool as fuck acid wash denim.

They also state the obvious, that the TikTok generation have brought back wide-legs from ’90s subculture. Even just by looking at what’s happening in the shops, it’s plain as day. If you want to buy a pair of skinny jeans, not to mention low rise, you’re going to have to sort through the high-waisted wide leg jeans first to find what you’re after.

According to Business of Fashion, the fashion world has been calling the demise of the skinny for the past five years, however the prediction was never truly fulfilled. While brands may phase out the production of skinny jeans, that doesn’t mean the style won’t continue to have a loyal cult of followers.

Maybe low rise skinny jeans will one day be sort after in the vintage world? Who knows. For more on this topic, follow the Fashion & Beauty Observer.