Remember that time you got all dressed up, bought film for your faux vintage Polaroid and negotiated a reasonable curfew with the ’rents, only to be stood up by the lead jock in your high school? No? Lucky for you, FBi is set to help you fulfil your American dream with a Spring Prom.

There will be no tears, contrived speeches or evil teachers. There will be a hell of a show by bubblegum punk outfit The Fabergettes to launch their Big Bruiser EP, alongside electronic beatmaker Alaskan Knight, surf-rock-meets-Italian-cinema purveyors La Tarantella, ’50s-style rock’n’roller Okin Osan and the FBi DJs also taking the stage. The Prom kicks off at 8pm on Friday September 13 at FBi Social. Secure a corsage – date optional.

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