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The BRAG #731


Jacobson and Szubanski in The BBQ

The BBQ is quite easily one of the worst films ever made

There’s this famous philosophical thought experiment about the nature of knowledge that goes something like this: imagine a woman named Kathy who has spent her entire life locked up in a cell, deprived of colour. Her whole world is black and white – her clothes, the walls of her prison,...

Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread is the first real masterpiece of the decade

Back in 1999, after the release of his third feature film Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson reckoned he’d reached his peak. “I guess the way that I really feel is that Magnolia is, for better or worse, the best movie I’ll ever make,” he told a reporter. And he was right...

Jessica Chastain in Molly's Game

Molly’s Game is a gooey, enjoyably erratic mess of a movie

Aaron Sorkin was always going to outgrow the need for a director. The creator of The West Wing and the man responsible for the crackling, ruthlessly sharp scripts behind The Social Network, A Few Good Men and Moneyball is so one-minded – his dialogue so instantly recognisable – that his...

Paramore divulge their moments of growth

A new era for Paramore: the band reveals moments of growth

Released after a four-year recording hiatus, Paramore’s new album After Laugher was deemed by Rolling Stone, among others, to be one of the best records of 2017 – but it proved to be a polarising release for its devote pop punk and emo following. “To be honest, we can just...

Australia Day is a symbol of all that is wrong with nationalism

The terrible, intoxicating lie of Australian patriotism

Every country must develop its own creation myth – a story for citizens to tell themselves so that they might pretend they are more than a collection of isolated strangers, claiming ownership of a land that should not be owned. For some countries, this is an easier process than for...

The End Of The F***ing World is streaming on Netflix now

The End Of The F***ing World is as bleak as it is beautiful

I panicked when The End Of The F***ing World finished. How the hell am I going to recommend this show if I can’t explain what it’s about? Worries aside, it’s a good problem to have. Shows that leave me uttering nonsense when trying to think of a synopsis are a...

Jeremy Neale, the one-time frontman of Velociraptor, is a stunning lyricist

Jeremy Neale is the nicest bloody musician in Australia

When we receive our coffees at a Melbourne hole-in-the-wall cafe, Brisbane musician Jeremy Neale looks uncharacteristically displeased. “I never get latte art in my long blacks,” he sighs. “Surely Melbourne of all places would do it?” It’s the first time I’ve heard him complain in the few times we’ve conversed,...

Bobbie Gillespie of Primal Scream

Bobby Gillespie is the coolest man in the fucking world

Primal Scream’s singular frontman Bobby Gillespie is one of the world’s coolest men: he’s sharp, sartorially splendid, unabashedly socialist (his Dad was a union organiser, so it’s in his DNA), charismatic, and has spent the last 35 years fronting one of the greatest rock’n’roll outfits in musical history. While the...

Michael Shannon in The Shape Of Water

In the extraordinary The Shape Of Water, order is the ultimate evil

Colonel Richard Strickland (Michael Shannon), the antagonist of Guillermo del Toro’s perfect tenth feature, The Shape Of Water, is a character as old as time. He isn’t as much a man as he is the man – the archetypal authority figure, his features as white and mechanical as a clockface....

Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg's overblown The Post

The shockingly awful The Post is proof “timeliness” only gets a film so far

At the height of his fame, Pablo Picasso’s sketches were worth a considerable sum more than the things that he sketched. He could park himself on a street corner, draw a quick picture of a nearby mansion, sell the sketch, and have enough money to buy the property several times...