A Perth man has become the first person in Australia to be jailed for breaching COVID-19 quarantine laws. Jonathan David was staying in a provided room at a city hotel where he was required to quarantine for fourteen days after flying to Perth from Victoria.

The man left the accommodation by wedging open a fire exit door were he reportedly re-entered the building on numerous occasions without being noticed by staff. Ultimately he was captured by CCTV cameras because this is the year 2020 and they exist and what did you think was going to happen Jonathan?

As ABC reports, the 35-year-old used public transport to travel within the metropolitan area.

Today, Perth Magistrates Court sentenced Davi to a partially suspended jail term of six months and two weeks. He was refused bail on the basis that it was likely he would repeat the offence and put others at risk.

David will be required to serve a month of the sentence immediately, whilst the remainder of the sentence can be spent in community service. However, if he commits another offence within 12 months, he could be ordered to serve the entire term.

Stay inside.

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