Harry T is one of Australia’s foremost spiritual coaches and mediums. But don’t take our word for it – we let the man himself tell us about his gift.

What does your work as a medium involve? What are your gifts, and how do you communicate?

I was born naturally gifted since childhood with the ability to communicate with the spirit realm and receive prophetic visions. As a spiritual medium, I am able to read energy and can look into the past, present and future as well as connect to the ‘other side’.

Do you encounter a lot of scepticism from disbelievers?

It’s healthy to be sceptical about things we do not completely understand. Science has proven that we are energy and energy can never die. I do not force my beliefs on anyone and believe everyone has the right to choose what they believe in. Many people have had personal experiences themselves, which helps to open their mind to the possibility of spiritual phenomena.

Your bio describes you as a spiritual life coach – why is spiritual development important to one’s life?

From my understanding and belief system, we are a spiritual being experiencing life in a physical body here to grow and learn spiritual lessons based on our soul’s journey. To me, spirituality is all about doing good deeds, having no judgement and practising unconditional love. Those positive characteristics are quite rare to come across these days, hence why spiritual development is important to a person’s growth in consciousness.

It seems that for a long time throughout history the supernatural has captured interests – how far does the tradition stretch back?

Psychics, mediums and witches have been around for centuries. All religions of the world teach that there is a continuity of life and mediums and spiritualism provide proof of that. Angels are pre-religion and have always existed. Supernatural experiences have always been around and always will be. I think one day spiritual phenomena will be accepted as something very natural in society.

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