1. Growing Up

Travelling one hour once a week to get drum lessons is etched into my brain. My parents didn’t play instruments, but were very, very supportive of my brother and me. This support is the reason I’m still playing music.

2. Inspirations

This changes every week, so I don’t really have an answer. If I see/hear someone doing something that I can’t, I’m inspired and motivated to learn. Spotify is a great tool for finding new and exciting music.

3. Your Band 

Facebook.com/psycroptic is the quickest and easiest way for people to find out about us – we’ve been around for about 17 years, so it’s hard to remember everything! We are pretty DIY and handle most things ‘in-house’ so to speak, as Joe our guitarist is an engineer/producer.

4. The Music You Make

Fast riffs, catchy riffs, head-banging music. It’s unapologetically metal.

5. Music, Right Here, Right Now 

The scene in general is excellent in Australia, with a lot of great bands getting out and getting it done. Sydney is often a tough one, as there aren’t too many venues available these days. I’m sure it will get better, as it’s something the market is in need of.

Housefox Fest 2017, with Psycroptic, Toe To Toe, Black Rheno, Na Maza and more, happens Saturday April 22 at Narrabeen RSL. Get tix here.