1.Growing Up

‘Rapper’s Delight’, Fat Boys, Al Green, John Coltrane, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Bob Marley. My dad was a welding inspector who so happened to collect a lot of records, not to mention had a big sound system. Being I am an open format DJ, I believe that the mixed genres of music that my dad had allowed me to appreciate the different types of music that is out on the airwaves today.


Michael Jackson, as he reminded people to think outside the box and that good music comes from all different types of people, and that music can be used to unify people and bring them together. I don’t really remember the first time I heard his music, but I do remember always hearing his tunes.

3.Your Crew

My real crew is back in T-Dot [Toronto]. My dad got me to love music, but my cousin Jazzy got me into DJing. We started a DJ crew called MenAtWork. Now really I work in the industry during the day, so I am always around music associated to what I do.

4.The Music You Make

I will be hopefully releasing some music this year so stay tuned! As for what you can expect from me, as in tunes, it goes as follows: Tyga’s ‘Throw It Up’, Drake’s ‘Worst Behavior’, Calvin Harris’ ‘Thinking About You’ (feat. Ayah Marar), Hermitude’s ‘HyperParadise’ (Flume remix), Major Lazer’s ‘Watch Out For This (Bumaye)’ (feat. Busy Signal), Michael Jackson’s ‘Rock With You’ (Q-Tip remix), Busta Rhymes’ ‘Twerk It’ remix (feat. Vybz Kartel) … In case of emergency I will play ‘Happy’ by Pharrell.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

There is a massive fusion that has been happening for the past ten years, but musos have to really try to have individual sounds and not be scared to be outside the box. Too many producers are playing it safe and that will always lack the full potential of really being creative. Also, DJs have to stop making the computer do 80 per cent of the mixing, ’cause that is not DJing, that’s automation. The best thing about the local scene is that [DJs are] creating their own sound; the scene is believing in itself more and more, and that is creating a good following for the scene.

DJ K-Note is at Boombox Fridays atMarquee At The Star onFriday March 28.

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