1.Growing Up

I loved black sounds as a kid and was an avid collector of the compilation tapes put together by the neighbourhood music store. Basketball was my main interest ’til an injury meant I could play no more. The DJ booth at the alumni club my family ran provided the introduction to messing around on the set-up. Playing at youth parties there were my initial and enjoyable experiences of crowd control. The resident DJ was starting to work at Turkey’s first dance music radio station, Radio 2019 in 1994, where I followed as intern and ended up playing various shows for about five years on air, and was fortunate to grow up together with the Turkish underground dance music scene.


Life situations where you feel the presence of the force and unison inspire me. Music with a lot of headroom and groove and depth takes me closer to that feeling.

3.Your Crew

I’ve been part of the 909 crew in Istanbul, who have been responsible for some of the most memorable institutions in Istanbul’s underground dance music life, such as Crystal and 11:11. I’ve helped out with musical programming and bookings for most of the 2000s. I moved to Australia for work-related purposes in 2012 and have been fortunate to connect with the Subtrakt and Sundae crews, both on a musical and amicable level.

4.The Music You Make And Play

I play house music for the most part. I play music I love and makes me ooze. That, I feel, transpires onto the crowd.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

Other than my DJing, I’m happy musically too as I can access and experience music I don’t know of [already], can find them out and listen online. Last.fm and Spotify allow for good ways to find out stuff you don’t know.

I’ve just been to SunSplash Festival in Turkey with Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Mark de Clive, Rainer Trueby, Osunlade, Karizma and a few other acts in a magical seaside resort in Aspat, Bodrum. I highly recommend to those planning a trip over to Europe next year to consider it for a wholesome mind, body and soul experience through music and nature. Gilles Peterson’s sets are always mind-opening.

Hakan Henry will be Sydney Meets Istanbul at the Spice Cellar on Saturday June 21, tickets available online.

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