1.Growing Up

Our parents both play music and our house was filled with music. Sometimes we had a TV and other times we didn’t so there was always music playing. Mum and Dad didn’t push us to play instruments, it was a natural evolution. Guitars, bass guitars and all kinds of instruments were always lying around. I remember our grandfather teaching me how to play ‘Blue Moon’ on piano, which was special.


Stevie Wonder was on high rotation when we were kids and I still love his music. The story goes that just as I was born ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ was playing on the radio. So we have this lovely bond (even if Stevie is unaware of it). All kinds of music are inspiring. The last two records Dan and I both love are from Lydia Cole (NZ) and Bahamas (Canada).

3.Your Band

We’re siblings who both love singing harmonies together. Folk is halfway for the both of us. Dan writes rockier songs and I’d be more country so it’s a nice middle ground. It’s natural for siblings to disagree, right? Oh, and we live in different cities – me in Melbourne and Dan in Brisbane. That makes rehearsals interesting! Normally it’s an intense all-day practice before the gig. For a tour it’s way easier.

4.The Music You Make

Our debut album (due to be released in late September) was recorded in various places including a house on the Mornington Peninsula. We produced it ourselves and hired engineer Robin Mai to make sure it was recorded well. By far it’s the best thing we’ve done together and separately. Turning A Page is an EP we released in late 2012, initially bit of an experiment in recording together. We were both solo performers for a long time and have five cumulative EPs between us.

5.Music, Right Here,Right Now

We just played two joint shows with The April Maze, who are amazing – they’ve certainly inspired us. There are so many talented local musicians, I try to see as much local live music as possible to inspire me.

Catch The Acfields at Mars Hill Cafe on Saturday June 14.

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