1.Growing Up

I grew up in Uruguay listening to my parents’ record collection – Mum was into Brazilian music and The Beatles and Dad into jazz and experimental stuff. There was always music at my house – Mum used to play violin, Dad the sax and both my sisters are piano teachers. At the age of 15 I got my first six-channel mixer, amps and 18” speakers. The whole neighbourhood used to hate me at siesta time.


My favourite band is Pink Floyd – I just love their sound, lyrics and concepts. The first time I heard them was back at home; my older sister used to have their tapes. In electronic music I love what Robag Wruhme, DJ Koze and Stimming do, also the whole Innervisions crew.

3.Your Crew

I just moved to the forest 15 minutes from Byron Bay to focus mostly on electronic music production and I am also doing a Bachelor in Audio at SAE so I’m quite new in town. In Sydney my crew was Significant Others; I used to throw a weekly party every Friday night that lasted two amazing years till I decided to come here. My girlfriend Adaja AKA Negra is an amazing singer and we work together quite a lot, she is my inspiration.

4.The Music You Make And Play

I love music in general; in my DJ sets I like to play a bit of everything and try not to fall under only one genre. At Spice I’m thinking of playing a melodic set with a story behind it. Not just banging tracks – ones that take everybody on a journey. I am also very excited about a live set that I am creating for Subsonic Music Festival; it’s going to be all about nature and organic sounds. My latest release is coming out on Buxton Records in a compilation of slow tempo music with artists from all over the world.

5.Music, Right Here, Right Now

I believe the electronic music scene is growing and that’s really cool – everybody is a DJ these days but that’s OK too. You have to believe in yourself and unless you have an amazing agent that is going to promote you all around, you need to stand up for yourself, get out there and chase gigs. I see people with the most amazing music skills but with poor self-promotion making music at home, and people with little experience getting really successful because they know how to market themselves. Make sure you have all your promotion tools covered: Facebook page, SoundCloud, et cetera, and most importantly, get involved in the parties, go out, meet the organisers, the people and have a good time.

Catch LeOCh with Shivers*and Space Junk atThe Spice Cellar onSaturday August 23.Also appearing at S.A.S.H Sleepout, Friday September 19 to Sunday September 21 (tickets here), and Subsonic Music Festival, Friday December 5 to Sunday December 7 (tickets here).

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